Waste Collection

Thailand has two faces. There are devastated places flooded by garbage and tourists, alongside pristine nature you have seen in photos and in the movie The Beach. But you have to search for such places, travel off the beaten track and get there at the right time of day. And in the right season. And a few years back. By the way, the famous Maya Bay from the above-mentioned movie has been hit so hard by the hysterical tourist raids that it had to be closed down indefinitely to recover from it.

It is clear that the amount of waste generated increases with tourism. In general, the situation with garbage in Thailand is quite insane and both tourists as well as a surprisingly large number of locals are to blame. Google it. How waste collection on the streets works, how many tons of plastic end up in the sea every year and how much waste is shipped to Thailand from other countries. Waste Collection is a series of photos that originated in Chiang Mai, Ko Lanta, Ao Nang and Bangkok, and shows the less flattering image of Thailand.

Despite the garbage all around, you will love Thailand anyway. For its nature, climate, people and food. Especially food. And maybe that's the problem – it's still such an incredibly beautiful country that we choose to overlook the waste situation and not worry about how it might affect Thailand one day. And not just Thailand.

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