Therese Rosier

Updated: Jul 8, 2018

"An it harm none, do what ye will."

Therese is a Prague based painter and model. Pictures she paints are full of femininity, sensuality and sexual tension. Her passion for vintage style is obvious both in her paintings and the way she dresses. Therese is also a burlesque performer and the shows are always something.

We met a few years ago at the time I was finishing the first Shoot Me Today! series. Later on we created a series called Suicidal Pinup about a perfect housewife who’s constantly killing herself in style.

When I decided to keep on doing Shoot Me Today, Therese was the first one coming to my mind. But since the concept is different now, I wanted also the photos of her to be different. Far from pinups, far from burlesque, far from staged scenes…

Therese, who is your favorite painter and what would you tell him face to face?

It's hard to say, I do not have just one favorite painter. But I really love Gustav Klimt and Salvador Dalí. From today's artists my beloved one is Noel Fielding. He is my favorite figure in general. He is a comedian, writer, actor, musician and artist. I love everything about him! And I really can not tell what I would say to him / them / face to face. But I would love to just hang out with Noel in his studio, because it would be fun as hell I think!

Where does the passion for vintage style come from?

As little girl I loved to watch vintage Czech movies from 30's, so here comes my fascination and passion.

Your most favorite food, drink and place in the world?

My favorite food is Italian pasta, I can eat pasta all the time! But I also love Mexican food. And my favorite drink is margarita! And again – hard to tell where is my favorite place in the world, this is such a difficult question. I would have to visit all the places in the world first ... Traveling is such a great thing, it's great to discover new places and culture, but it's also very exhausting. For me, there is no place like home! For me, it's very important to feel calm and I feel like that on Jiřího z Poděbrad, which is my favorite place in Prague at least.

I believe you’ve seen Lobster, the movie. What animal would you choose to be and why?

I'm a cat person, so I would like to be some kind of big cat, maybe puma. Or crow to be able to fly away. Yeah, I know, I'm quite indecisive :D

My motto is:  An it harm none, do what ye will. Which means if it harm no-one, do what you want! And treat others how you want them to behave towards you!  And this is very important thing to me, I also have it tattooed on my arm.

And finally what are your plans for the future?

Now I started working on bigger canvases – the same style I do now (watercolor and ink) but on bigger canvases. And I also want to continue with my abstract artwork. This is my biggest passion now! Now I start to run my Patreon page, where I upload more stuff from my artistic world and want to do a lot more in future there. Sneak peek videos and photos from my studio, also I will be providing downloadable artwork there. And many many more. So I look forward to watch grow this artistic community there! I also want to expand with burlesque more abroad. Now I’m working on new costumes. Can’t wait for the one inspired by my beloved Prince! This will be such fun!

Model / Therese Rosier

Photographer / Tomas Vrana


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