The queen of tulle skirts

Peggy is originally from the Czech Republic but has been living in Greece for seven years now. She looks and speaks like a native so you wouldn’t even guess she’s from somewhere else. This woman is a successful instagrammer and blogger running her own business of sewing magnificent tulle skirts.

We did the Shoot Me Today! photographs during her last visit in Prague and created a playful fashion series using my "old" light techniques together with new color edits. The result is a colorful editorial which is sweet and brutal at the same time and it’s something completely different from how are Peggy’s fans used to see her.

I think I’m starting to like this concept of showing people in a different light. Enjoy the photos and don’t forget to visit Peggy’s Instagram to compare the Shoot Me Today! series with the way she presents her the most commonly on social networks.

Peg, when was the first time you realized you wanted to live in Greece? I understand the choice completely. It’s the weather, people, awesome food, presence of the sea, and the Greek spirit in general, but still – do you think sometimes of coming back home?

It was the first time I visited this country 10 years ago. We came for summer holidays with my friend to the island of Crete. I don't remember that moment but she says that back then I said, "One day I'm gonna live here!" So here I am! I love visiting Czech Republic and if I could, I would do that more often than twice a year, but I'm not thinking about leaving Greece...

What do you like the most about Greece?

The sun. We have sun almost everyday during the whole year and I'm getting so much energy from it.

Your Instagram fan base is growing fast and you’re in touch with your followers 24/7. It must be a hard work. What would you advise the people who want to be Instagram famous as well?

Well, I don't consider myself famous on Instagram :D But I would advise to start with these two questions: What is my purpose on Instagram? What is the value I'm bringing to my followers? Here are my answers: I want my brand to be the number one in Greece in its category. I want to be the first brand that comes in a woman's mind if she decides to buy a custom handmade tulle skirt. I also want to bring inspiration about different ways how to style a tulle skirt. Most of all, I want women to change their mindset about shopping clothes.

I want people to understand the difference between handmade with love and "made in Bangladesh."

I wrote the whole article about this topic and you can read it here. When you decide about the concept you have to stay consistent and have high quality content. Also, you have to be ready to step outside your comfort zone. I'm doing this every time when making videos for IG stories. I feel stupid when I walk on the street having my phone camera on selfie mode and talking to it, but storytelling is the key!

And now the important question: Why tulle skirts?

It was quite a coincidence. Two years ago I was invited to a party where we were supposed to wear something pink. That time I already had my sewing machine and I was attending sewing classes for beginners. I had the idea to make a pink tulle skirt for that event. It was a success! Everybody was asking me where I got this skirt from.

Tell me something about the creative process of sewing the skirts. Do you sew them yourself? Is the final appearance only in your head or you sketch it first? Do you have a large store of your products or you make it to order?

Yes, I sew them by myself. It took me one year to finalize the look of the product the way it is today. I'm not sewing them at home anymore, but I collaborate with a fashion school where I can use the industrial sewing machines that bring much professional result. I have to say that I don't consider myself a designer as I don't have any education for that. There's no need to sketch a tulle skirt as the pattern is always the same. I give more attention to the fabrics selection. All the skirts are custom made on the measurements of the customer. 

I think it’s obvious you have a real passion for what you do and satisfied customers make you happy but there is even more behind it, right?

Yes, through my blog and Instagram I always try to encourage people to follow their dreams and to be the best versions of themselves with all their imperfections.

I believe in self-love and self-responsibility and I know for sure that life is what we make it. There is only one you and that's your power. So be yourself, be PURE!


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