New Year in Thailand

Two weeks, seven flights, hundreds of photos, one tropical storm, one black eye, thousands of sky lanterns on New Year’s Eve, a lot of Thai beer, overcrowded night bazaars with incredibly good fresh seafood and funny music performers, crazy Thai style long tail boats, trips to almost empty beaches and islands, kayak trips to caves to see bioluminescent plankton, bats, cute half-fish half-frog mudskippers and exotic birds in hidden lagoons, mad rides in tuk-tuks, a guitar string vending machine, Thai coffee, local bars, girls who were actually boys, awfully romantic sunset dinners, awful fried spiders, scorpions and roaches and some drunk British woman who ate them, cooking class by the river, monkeys stealing food, monks singing in golden temples, the biggest jellyfish I’ve ever seen, fruits I’ve never heard of and in a nutshell one of the best trips I’ve ever had.

Chiang Mai


Ao Phang Nga

Ko Lanta


Ko Hong



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