Koki Part II / The Trip

Are you ready for a great trip? Well, then scroll down! This post is a sequel of the first part called Breakfast we did in April 2019 and if you’ve ever wondered what happened next, you’re about to find out now. Let’s ride!

What are your negative character traits?

I’m extremely stubborn, offensive, touchy, egotistical, selfish…

How do you work with that?

I don’t suppress them because they are part of me as a person. If people are willing, something good can come out of every conflict or discussion, even the negative ones. You work with energy and if you have a lot of negative energy, you can also have a lot of good energy. I try to transform that energy. For example, I get offended because I’m an egoist and I can’t suppress that, but at the same time, I think about what can happen if I do that. I’m spontaneous and a lot of times things happen that I just can’t influence. My mom says I can be a real piece of work sometimes! It is a fact that I’ve even beaten up a guy or two during a quarrel. And sometimes I seriously lash out. But I’m always tryin’ to be like considerate, and in these situations, I always say to myself, girl, think of those people around you a little and don’t let it go so far that your personality is bringing them down. Trying to find a balance between not keeping things in but not burdening others with that. When I try to avoid expression, I’m not happy, I have to get it out of me immediately, otherwise it will explode at once sometime later on. This way, you always know what I’m feeling and what I think.

How do you think a society formed by social networks will evolve from here? What’s next?

It’s become inseparable, even though so many people don’t like it. This is just like with TV. Everybody said what a time-waster it is, but a huge number of people have one. It will probably become something like that, a thing that we’ll just use. Some professionally and some for private stuff. It’s not just about photos and exchanging flirty messages with a boy. It will be more connected with society and taken for granted, as something that just is. And then, something else will come along to piss us off. Virtual porn will be a thing, I think. Virtual reality. I’m telling you, people are gonna shit bricks! And they will say, ”That Koki sold out to virtual reality, what a cunt. She doesn’t even know where she’s at anymore!” They’re saying the same thing now about my Instagram. People are afraid of new things and always see the worst in them, instead of saying, “Okay, there’s a new thing, let’s take advantage of it.”

You’ve been a makeup artist and influencer for several years already. Considering your other interests and activities, though, it seems to me that this is just one of the many things you’re doing just now, and what you’re best known for. Do you think it will stay like this, or that eventually you’ll start devoting yourself to other things that will outweigh makeup?

But this is what happens all the time with me. I originally wanted to be a dancer. And then I started acting and doing commercials, when I was like eleven. I went to acting camps. And it started to piss me off that it wasn’t the way I wanted it to be, and so I started taking pictures. I started taking pictures of people and then mainly of myself. Nowadays, all the girls are taking pictures of themselves, but when I applied to school with a self-portrait, they really didn’t know what to think. They thought I was deviant, that I was just smiling all the time and I liked colors. Basically, the way people know me now. And already back then I’d started putting pictures on social networks, so, actually, I’ve been doing this all my life. I grew up with social networks. For me it’s absolutely natural. And then I started doing makeup on people. But I would like to go back to movement – to combine it and use my love of movement and what I can do in makeup.

Among other things, you’ve also performed in a burlesque show, and it was amazing. Will something like this happen again?

I stopped doing the burlesque because it wasn’t fulfilling anymore. Because I am egoistic and I like my own audience. I loved it, but I didn’t enjoy it anymore the way I once used to, and I wanted to have that acclamation for myself, to be the one creating it, and not have someone do it for me. I wanted my own costume and all that... moreover, it’s extremely time consuming. But I’m debating on coming back as a guest with a makeup performance and that way link my love for makeup with the dancing on stage.

Does your artistic life overlap with your personal life?

Art is my personal life! The way I look, the way I do my makeup and how I dress, that’s how I feel. For example, I used to have a kind of punk look at one time, because I didn’t feel I was womanly enough. Because I was in a bad relationship and was fighting for my standing by making myself even less of a woman. In one photo, I wrote “BE A GOOD GIRL!” on my forehead, for myself, reminding me I should be a good girl, but that at the same time I didn’t give a shit, or that this person here, that I’m in love with is pissing me off at the same time, so then again, I was drawing hearts all over myself. And I was shooting these self-portraits, to show him. He didn’t get it anyway, but that’s how I work my way through these things – I feel something, want to be a certain way at that time.

To be continued…

We’ve managed to shoot all the images during a long summer day with a small team of great professionals. Many thanks to everyone involved! It was an awesome experience. For full size pictures please visit my website. Also, see the first part of the story here.

Tomáš Vrana / photographer

Kateřina Koki Mlejnková / model / mua

Ondřej Ždichynec / assistant

Radim Vaňous / dop

Freshlabels / clothes

George Hladík / Youngtimerclassic / Jaguar E-Type

Canon & Emperium / gear

Jaroslav Sýkora / Eurogarden / location III


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