Jacqueline Amadou Titi

Iʼm not sure whether itʼs the look or her modelling skills, however, shooting with Jacqueline simply canʼt go wrong. Honestly, that was the fact I was counting on that day. I met her on Sunday evening at her place with no idea what to do. It reminds me the old Shoot Me Today! based mainly on improvisation.

The only thing I knew was that I wanted to use some red light and do it partly at Jacquelineʼs and partly in the Lunapark at Prague Fairground. We were fighting about clothes a little bit, we were checking the FIFA World Cup final, and we found out all the carousels and amusement rides were gone. Except one. Check out the results! And yes, we had fun!

Jacqueline, you are wearing some nice and special haircut every time I meet you. Do you visit a hairdresser often or you always keep what they do for you on shootings?

It can be a bit of both, especially in my early modelling days I would just keep the hairstyle they did for me on the shootings as I was doing the hair modelling quite frequently. But I started to care more with time also for being able to decide my hairstyle for myself. So I’m visiting a hairdresser quite frequently.

How have you happened to be a model and what was your first shooting about?

It was a nice series of coincidences and lucky meetings. While I was still a student in Brno a photography student approached me in the café I was working in and offered me a shoot. It was more a free concept, beauty shoot to build her portfolio. I realized I was enjoying it but the opportunities in Brno were not that frequent for me to really engage in it.. I moved to Prague shortly after (not for modelling though) and that’s where it took a whole another level. I was literally bumping into photographers, hairstylists or fashion designers that were offering me jobs. Prague is not that big so it went all quite fast without me having to push things.

Is modelling still fun for you or you consider it as work now?

Good question, haha. It’s still fun (or a passion) in the first place. Otherwise I would not be sacrificing my free time for that. I happen to have a full time job as well. It both kind of happened at the same time and as I could not guess how busy would I be as a model I went for the safety of building a “stable” career. I am still managing to do both even though it can get tricky and of course often tiring. I still want to take modelling as more of a hobby than a duty, even if it comes with lots of responsibilities and engagements.

Do you have letʼs say acting ambitions as well?

Yes, I do! I was playing drama for about seven years in in my teenage years and I loved it. My first ever dream job as a child was actually to be an actress. Never thought of modelling but in the end of the day it’s kind of close, right? Striking poses, doing different concepts and themes is just getting into role.

Iʼve noticed music is quite a big thing in your life. Why is it so important to you and whatʼs your jam of the summer?

Hm, it’s like you would have asked why is breathing important to me! I always loved music, ever since as a kid. Once I hear some good tune I need to either sing or start moving, it just feels very natural to me. I think I went through all the music genres and decades – rock, punk, metal, soul, jazz, classics, kpop, you name it. I’ve been the most into rap/rnb for the past year I think. As you could have heard at my place, I’m especially into French rap, so my summer jam would be probably some French rap artist (meaning raping in French, lots of them are from Belgium or Switzerland too). Laylow – Ciudad, that’s such a jam. PLK, Di-Meh, Josman, Dinos, the list goes on..

You are a football fan, by the way. What do you like the most about the game and which team is your favorite?

Yeah I’m a football fan, but more on a superficial level. I don’t really follow the players and clubs during the season. I just love the World/European Cups. I’m having nice memories watching these with my dad, eating, drinking and getting passionate. I also love the whole vibe the big international events have. And it’s quite interesting to see all the different cultures with different styles of play challenging each other on that ground. This World cup I was rooting for a francophone team to win, either Belgium or France, so I’m satisfied.

If you knew the world would end in one week, what would you do?

I’d love to do some travelling but one week is far too little to explore both Southeast Asia and Africa. I would feel obliged to go to Benin, my father’s country, for both the first and last time.

Do you have a specific goal as a model? I mean, do you wanna shoot with some famous photographer, or appear in an ad for some lovebrand of yours, or do an editorial for Vogue?

I was lucky to shoot with some of the top Czech/Slovak photographers, fashion designers and make-up artists, props to that! I am grateful already. But yes, I do have a few favorite photographers I’d like to shoot with. I also always wanted to be in the music video (which is kind of happening soon but can’t reveal the details yet) as I love both music and acting. And then yeah, some major catwalks for the big Fashion Weeks (Paris for instance) would be thrilling, just for the experience and atmosphere itself, but it’s not like I am super attached to it either. We’ll see what future brings!

Model / Jacqueline Amadou Titi

Photographer / Tomas Vrana


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